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Reviews are an important part for reputation management and search engine optimization (SEO). We provide review services for the following portals:

  • Google Reviews
  • Facebook Reviews
  • Airbnb Reviews
  • Amazon Reviews
  • Yelp Reviews
  • Tripadvisor Reviews
  • Booking.com Reviews

The review services that we provide include:

  • Review Generation

Review generation is accomplished by asking your contacts and visitors to your website to leave a review via a text link such as “Please leave a Google review for us” or via a linked image such as:

Leaving a review request can be accomplished in several ways including by placing the request link in a prominent place on your website, by posting the request in your social media portals, by an email to your contact database and by including it in your email signature file.

  • Automatic Review Posting on your WordPress website

We use a WordPress plugin called WP Social Ninja that automatically posts Google, Facebook and other social portals reviews on any page on your website. For an example see:

Click hare to view the reviews page for Cape Fear Technologies

The look and feel of the review posts can be customized from several templates in the plugin and it can be configured to include or exclude certain reviews from being seen on your website such as excluding reviews with less than 3 star ratings.

Please note that Google and other social portals prohibit the compensation of any kind to a reviewer for leaving a review.

Click here to view the process and pricing.

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