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The first step on setting up review management and social media portals is setting up the business profiles in Google, Facebook LinkedIn and others.

The general opinion is that a Google Business Profile is more effective and powerful than a website.

Consider the following two screens of a Google Business Profile for Cape Fear Technologies:

The top screen shows the upper part of the Google Business profile once is created. On the left of that section you will see options to edit profile, read reviews, messages, add photos, check profile performance, advertise, edit products or services, bookings, calls and Q&A. On the right side, you will see your business profile with your contact information and links to your website, directions, save and call.

The bottom screen shows your Google Reviews excerpt on the right with a link to view more reviews as well as a link to “get more reviews” . This “get more reviews” is where the link is to request reviews from your contacts.

To create a Google Business Profile simply go to https://www.google.com/business/
The Google Business Profile is free to create or you can use our services for us to create one for you.

Click here to view the process and pricing.